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Alexis Bolvin

Connecting to your deepest Self is the greatest gift in the world.  

Whether it's through workshops, retreats or working with me one-on-one, I'm here to help guide you to uncovering the magic you hold within. 

You'll find there is a path, laid out just for you. If you choose to take it, life will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Big Love,




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Akashic Records:
Venus & Mars Astrological Exploration

Full Moon

Akashic Records:
New Moon Medicine


Client Love


I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Alexis. I found her wisdom, knowledge and intuition beautifully balanced, insightful and inspiring.

I highly recommend and hope to be able to work with Alexis again in the future.


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"All you have to do is pay attention, lessons always arrive when you are ready."

Paulo Coelho

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About Me

As a former Pharmacist, my path started off having the "good" job, but I was massively unfulfilled.

When I began opening to parts of myself long forgotten, my world ignited and drastically changed.

Now I'm here to hold a light for others on their path, learning to walk toward the unseen world for the answers they've been looking for their whole lives. 

I believe we have all the answers within ourselves, it's just a matter of remembering. It takes a deep trust, but what unfolds when you're truly walking your most authentic path is greater than anything you could have ever imagined. 

My background includes a two and a half year journey through Mystery School with ReWilding for Women, Soul Journeys Method Akashic Reading Certifications, Usui Reiki Certification and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.



Rooted Cosmic Wisdom