Image by Anastasia Dulgier

Astrology 101 Class


This 90 minute class will be an intro into reading an astrology chart. We'll be diving into astrology chart basics and setting you up with the foundation so you can explore and dive deeper into your own birth chart. 

Topics Covered:

  • The Signs & Elements 

  • The Planets 

  • The House System 

  • Aspects in Natal Chart

  • Major Life Transits

  • Extra Tips & Tricks 

I'm excited to offer this beginner's astrology class to you, and to guide you, through your own intuition, so that you can learn to read your birth chart. Wherever you are in your knowledge of astrology, it's my hope that you will walk away with a few "aha" moments. 

After registering you will receive the 90 minute recorded video within 1 business day. 

Cost: $57