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Connect to Calm & Clarity

It's like a rejuvenating trip to the spa— in your own home, in 15 minutes or less.

A way to fill your own cup before you step into any role where you’re asked to give from that same cup.

It's a space to go to unwind, to kick your feet up and give yourself that divine moment of calm & clarity. It’s where you can go for guidance, insights, inspiration and connection to the most important person, you. 

Life moves fast, there’s no controlling that. But we do have control over how we move through each moment, in our ability to find balance within our constantly changing and evolving environment. 

Giving yourself these 10 minutes each day allows you to shift into an over-flowing, fully present, embodied way of living and receive the clarity and calm that allows life to flow with a little more grace. 

You'll receive:

 •  7 guided meditations (10-15 minutes each) 

Day 1: Calming the Nervous System

Day 2: Alchemical Healing

Day 3: Visioning 

Day 4: Piercing the Veil

Day 5: Lunar Activation

Day 6: Solar Activation

Day 7: Your Guides & Divine Support

You will have lifetime access to these mediations to complete them in your own time.

Cost: $44  

How to Get Access to the 7-Day Meditation:

1. Sign up below via PayPal

2. After payment is complete click "Return to Merchant"

3. You will be directed to a page with directions for login

*You will also receive an email with login information