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Exploring the Goddess of the Dark Rose:
New Moon Activation
May 11, 2021 @ 7pm EDT

Unlock Your Own Unwavering Power & Grace

That is the gift of the Dark Rose. 

Each time we dive into the depths and reclaim a lost or forgotten part of self, we gain more power, strength and with that a deep knowing in self. 

There is wisdom and mystery in the darkness. 

This is where we find the truth, liberation, freedom. In this quiet, void space, we find ourselves. So powerful, so radiant, so full of love, how could we ever forget? 

Most people become detached from this part of self, the true source of joy, bliss and fulfillment. When we are detached, we grasp for external things to fill us, but the results are always fleeting. 

The medicine comes in understanding and being able to connect to the real source of your deepest desire and then taking action. We feel fulfilled when we’re focused on what we truly desire. It gives us purpose. And when we get what we truly want, the deeper wanting, it ripples out into all aspects of life. 

New Moon in Taurus 

This exploration takes place on the Taurus New Moon, a time to go inward and a time to dream. Black Moon Lilith, the asteroid Lilith, Neptune and Pluto all play a major role in the energetics of this new moon. It speaks to the potential for reaching profound insights through both the dark feminine & masculine archetypes.

The Dark Rose connects these archetypes to us, within us, allowing them to blossom as we uncover more and more about ourselves. 

New Moon Activation

Our 90 minutes together will begin with intention setting, then discovering the deeper intentions for this new moon through a shamanic journey and exploring the gifts of the Dark Rose. We will close with creating your own ritual and altar for the week to help anchor the insights and desire that is present for you. By creating a daily altar, ritual or practice we enhance the energy of our experiences and make our desires more concrete. 

We will gather via Zoom, recorded for those who cannot make it live. After you sign up a confirmation email with Zoom link will be sent. 

Date & Time

May 11, 2021 @ 7pm EDT 


$25 USD

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