Inner Temple Initiation

In this 12 month journey we will explore the Mysteries of Sacred Union. Beginning with the element of water, we move through each of the four elements, each holding their own gifts and wisdom for you. 

There are 4 ceremony weekends that are held in sacred space with cacao, meditation & the element of that quarter.  

Program Structure:

Month 1-3:

  • Water Element- Initiation with the Sacred Rose, working with your natal moon 

  • Month 2- Ceremony weekend

Month 4-6:

  • Fire Element- Activating inner archetypes, working with the inner flame & heart activation

  • Month 5- Ceremony weekend

Month 7-9:

  • Earth Element- Embodiment, ritual, working with your natal rising sign 

  • Month 8- Ceremony weekend

Month 10-12:

  • Air/ Spirit Element- Your unique gifts 

  • Month 11- Ceremony weekend

What is possible:

 •  Deepen connection to your own intuition and inner knowings

 •  Discover your unique gifts & archetypal blueprint 

 •  Fully embody your sensuality & relationship to your body 

 •  Create & deepen your relationships 

What's Included:

  • Monthly Inner Temple Circle & Q&A via Zoom

  • 2 Activations & Clearings per month via audio recording

  • 2 Private Sessions per month (90 minutes each via Zoom)

  • 4 Initiation Ceremony Weekends (online)

  • Support between Sessions

Next Journey begins September 1st, 2022 

Contact me by the form below or email me at to apply. Limited spots available. 

Image by Ricardo Resende

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