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Step Into Embodied, Ecstatic &

Ease-Filled Living

There’s a way to move through life with ease. There are tools, or keys, unique to you that have the ability to unlock more of what you deeply desire in life— more vibrancy, more fulfillment, more joy infused throughout your day, deeper intimacy and a deeper connection to your radiant, divine self. 

It is possible for the world to meet you in everything you desire, for your life to fully and completely match your soul desires. 

Inner Temple Mystery School is for those who are craving more, even if you aren't exactly sure what that is. Step by step we will uncover the keys that allow you to live a life of vitality and fulfillment in the most ease-filled way possible.

It's a call towards a new way of being, one where being radically and fully yourself is where the wellspring of joy, bliss and fulfillment is sourced. When you are aware of your unique codes for embodied & ecstatic living, you're fulfilled in unmeasurable ways. 

Ease-filled living does not always mean easy, as challenges are part of our growth, but ease-filled in a way that brings an openness, grace and flow to even the hardest challenges of life. When you move through life in this way your relationships flourish, your work blossoms, you feel truly worthy of abundance and the Universe gifts you with more and more experiences that fill you with awe and deep gratitude. 

Saying yes to this 12-week journey, along with others who feel the same call, amplifies your experience and puts you in resonance with the ecstatic, ease-filled life you crave. 

Themes for the 12 Weeks:

We begin with the element of Water & activating attraction as the key to full magnetism in life.

Next we move to Fire, the key to activating your full expression through the 3 Embodied Ecstatic Archetypes. 

The element of Earth holds the key to embodying your purpose and grounding action through offerings and ceremony.

Finally the element of Air helps to bring the blueprint to completion by unlocking the expression of your unique gifts. 

What's Included:

  • 1 Initial 1-1 Session

  • 8 Embodiment Activations

  • 4 Live Zoom Q&A Calls 

  • Support throughout the 12 weeks 

*Link below to learn more about program details


Start Date:

June 6th, 2022

*Join before May 22 to get a Free Bonus Zoom session- learn all about the Gene Keys! (Bonus Zoom is May 22 at 6pm EDT and will also be recorded) 

Payment Plan:

$555 x 3

Pay In Full:



Upgrade with Private Sessions

Mystery School + 4 Private Sessions (1 hour each)

Payment Plan:

$1,150 x 3

Pay In Full:


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Mystery School June 2022 Q&A Dates

June 19 @ 6pm EDT
July 10 @ 6pm EDT
July 31 @ 6pm EDT
August 21 @ 6pm EDT
*90 minutes each


How to access your Mystery School Dashboard:

After payment is complete click "Return to Merchant" and you will be directed to a page with login information. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for approval to be granted. You will receive an email with scheduling link to book your initial 1-1 session. 

If you have enrolled in the VIP level you will receive an email within 24-48 hours with scheduling link to book your private sessions. 


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