Image by Matt Howard

6 Month Moon Journey


Each new moon is the beginning of a new cycle. It's a time to listen deeply to what your soul is calling for so that you can take the steps to co-create from the deepest, most aligned place. This is how we find fulfillment. 

Each new moon is a chance to dive into your deepest desires and see those desires lived out. The secret is sticking with it, believing it and continuing to say yes. I have seen what is possible when we step in and say yes to our soul's yearning.

With each full moon we are able to see with more clarity and step in more fully to that which we intended. Sometimes it changes, as there are always twists and turns along the path, but it's more about staying on the path than having any expectation of how the journey will look.

We often need support and encouragement to stay the course, which is the space I hold, as someone who has and is going through this journey myself, I know how important it is to be supported and reminded of the vision we hold.  

The Journey:

  • You’ll receive (14) 1 hour private Akashic Records Sessions

  • We meet twice monthly:

    • On the new moon we use the Akashic Records to guide intention setting

    • On the full moon we deepen the intention through embodiment practices 

We combine ritual & ceremony as a way to embody the activations and insights that arise during the sessions. 

We will use the Akashic Records, meditation, activations, and personalized astrology to get clarity on what you need for each cycle and then use these tools to uncover and help move through each step along the way. 

This is such a powerful and amazing journey and I would love to support you on your own soul's path. 

Next Start Date:

July 9, 2021- New Moon in Cancer

End Date:

January 17, 2022- Full Moon in Cancer