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Moon Mysteries:

Activations, Ritual & Integration for the New & Full Moons

June - August 2021

The moon is a powerful tool to help us connect to our own rhythms and with each phase of the moon we are gifted an opportunity to connect to ourselves in a way that helps get us past our linear logical mind. We open ourselves up for abundance, deep fulfillment and connection to ourself in a way that helps us move forward in our day to day life with a deeper understanding and purpose. 

Each moon circle has a different theme based on the current astrology and includes an activation or guided meditation. 

We will gather via Zoom, recorded for those who cannot make it live. After you sign up a confirmation email with Zoom link will be sent. 

*Individual Circles below are $25 each

Moon Mystery Dates:

*All Zoom Circles are from 7pm- 8:30pm EDT

**June 14 exception- video posted to Instagram 

  • June 14: **Eclipse Integration Video via IGTV @alexismidnightmusings

  • June 24: Full Moon—Exploring Jupiter & The White Rose

  • July 9: New Moon in Cancer— The Inner Temple

  • July 22: Full Moon—Mary Magdalene & The Red Rose

  • August 8: New Moon—Lion's Gate & The Gold Rose

Next Circle: Jupiter & The White Rose

This Full Moon in Capricorn, aspecting Jupiter, occurs four days after Jupiter stations retrograde. It is a chance to peak into what wants to expand in the coming year and to really tap into the potential of what is possible. 

The Divine Masculine is really shining for this Full Moon, it's the perfect time to go within and expand your capacity to receive all that is meant to be yours! 

Image by Andrés Gómez

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