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6 Month Journey to Reclaiming Yourself, Activating Your Purpose & Opening to Your Divine Gifts.

What is Mystery School?

Mystery School is a journey into the depths of you. It's remembering your essence, your gifts, remembering who you are. It's exploring your depths and heights, so that you can create and receive everything your Soul knows is possible in this lifetime. 

Who is Mystery School For?

It's for those who are ready to take the next step forward, those who have been looking for more— more depth, more truth, and more fulfillment in life. It's for those who are feeling the call of Soul, the call towards a new way of being in the world, who are ready to say yes to the next step on the path, and the curiosity to explore what that is. 

Stepping into Mystery School illuminates your own Soul's path, it's a saying yes to you, to your Soul and to your purpose. 

The Details

This is a 6-month online journey, opening to your unique gifts, Soul purpose and stepping into your power. Saying yes, and stepping into the alchemical container of Mystery School, calls you in and creates a different resonance than doing this work on your own.

Each month is comprised of:

  • An Experiential Workshop

  • Monthly Theme Deep Dive Discussion  

  • Women's Circle- Q&A and Sharing 

  • Integration Week

*Due to the nature of Mystery School, the themes and energetics can shift. We will explore the following topics, however the order and flow may change. 

  • Shamanism, Moon Cycles & The Elements- Connecting to the Spirit World 

  • Shadow Work & The Dark Feminine- Reclaiming the Hidden Aspects of Self

  • Tantra & Divine Union- Alchemy and Dance of the Feminine and Masculine Within

  • Astrology & Akashic Records- Exploring Key Concepts in Your Birth Chart & the Akashic Records 

  • Ancestral Healing- Healing & Uncovering Gifts in the Ancestral Line 

  • Bringing Your Unique Gifts Into The World- Expansion of Gifts & Living Your Soul Purpose

We will have the opportunity to work with the cycles of the moon. It takes 6 months for a new moon to become a full moon in the same astrological sign. So in this 6-month journey we will experience a whole moon cycle come to completion. By working with the cycles of the moon in this deep way, through Mystery School, we have the ability to create and manifest beyond our wildest dreams! 

This journey is held with so much reverence, so to keep the space intimate the group will be limited.

Upcoming Mystery School

Registration is currently closed, but you can sign up for the waitlist and be the first to hear about the next mystery school.

Dates TBD 


About My Own Journey Through The Mysteries

Welcome, I’m thrilled that you have found New Moons Mystery School and are curious about the journeying into The Mysteries. When I first heard of Mystery School from Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women, I remember thinking "no way, that's not for me." But my Soul kept knocking on the door and not even fully understanding what Mystery School was, there I was on a plane to Colorado, about to enter into the wildest, most amazing and expansive period of my life. 

Mystery School is my passion, exploring the depths and heights of my Soul is what I came here to do. My world has exploded into the most vibrant colored landscape, as if before I was just living in black and white. I can't wait to see what the Mysteries have in store for you!

My Mystery journey has included two terms of Mystery School with Sabrina Lynn of ReWilding for Women and I had the amazing opportunity to be on the support team for ReWilding's Online Mystery Intensive in 2020. I have also trained in the Andean Mystery Teachings with Holly Schuck, a 4th level initiate of the Andean teachings of the Q’ero of Peru. 

Image by William Iven

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