Goddess of The Gold Rose

Image by Victoriano Izquierdo

The Gold Rose Temple:

BEGINS September 2021

We hold so much wisdom & power within ourselves. It's all there, like gold waiting to be brought to the surface. There is no area of life where it does not reach— our work, our creativity, relationships, parenting, each and every step of our day to day lives is affected by how open we are to our own wisdom & power. 

Most people become detached from this inner source of power, the wellspring of joy, bliss and fulfillment. When we are detached, we grasp for external things to fill us, but the results are always fleeting. When we're open to this wisdom, sourced from within, we're fulfilled in a way that we can't begin to touch otherwise.

There are tools to help us uncover & deepen into our inner wisdom:

  • The Natural Cycles & The Mysteries—  The Moon

  • Blossoming of Inner Wisdom—  The Sacred Rose

  • Connection to the Inner Feminine & Masculine 


  • We gather twice monthly around the New & Full Moon in Sacred Space 

    • Using Archetypal Embodiment, Guided Meditation, The Akashic Records, Ritual, Ceremony & more​

  • There is a bonus monthly gathering that will be a check-in & integration space 

Month 1: The Dark Rose—  Initiation & Activation 

Month 2: Red & White Rose— Sacred Union 

Month 3: Gold Rose— Exploration of Soul Gifts 


Begins week of Sep 6 through week of Nov 15 


Image by Milos Tonchevski

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