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Sacred Union Immersion

Sacred Union is the journey of inviting more Soul into your life, fostering a partnership between your humanity and your divinity. It is learning to be so fully sourced from within, which brings the deepest level of fulfillment not just in moments of joy, but ALL of the time. From this place you are able to receive all the gifts you are meant to enjoy in this lifetime. Your relationships flourish, you are open to receive more abundance, you are fulfilled by your work and day to day life.  

To activate the profound bliss, joy and fulfillment that is possible in life, you first need to say yes. This 8 month journey is saying yes to yourself and utilizing the desire that is the key to living your most fulfilled life.

The journey of Sacred Union is lifelong, leading to more and more fulfillment within. But in this 8 month immersion, by committing to yourself in this held space, it allows for a deeper and more profound experience. Through meditative experiences, along with the guidance of the Akashic Records, this journey of Sacred Union is held in a sacred and transformative container, personalized to you and your Soul's desires.  

What is possible:

 •  Deepen intimacy & create strong foundations in relationships

 •  Create deeper connection to your own intuition and guidance 

 •  Create financial abundance and enhanced safety & security 

 •  Fully embody sensuality, sexuality & relationship to your body 

 •  Create aligned relationships 

 •  Find long term fulfillment in all aspects of life and most importantly with yourself! 

What's Included:

  • 2 Private Sessions per month (1 hour each via Zoom)

  • Weekly Recordings (includes personal astrology & guidance from your Akashic Records)

  • 2 Immersion Retreat Weekends (online)

  • Support between Sessions

Contact me by the form below or email me at if you are interested. I would love to hear from you! 

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