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Exploring Venus & Mars: Sacred Union Within

Every 2 or so years Venus and Mars meet in the sky, cosmic lovers reuniting. The meeting of Venus and Mars begins a new cycle in love, relationships or creative projects. 

Each cycle is a potent catalyst for the desires of the heart to be ignited. We can work with the cycle at any point, whether it's the beginning, where we create the foundation, the middle where the illuminations come, or the end where we are able to tie up loose ends. Each point is a chance to connect deeper into the heart and allow your desires to flourish. 

Through astrology and the Akashic Records we are able to explore and harness this energy of Venus & Mars, co-creating the life, love and passion you desire. It is an incredibly potent way to magnetize your deepest desires into your life, but there often are road blocks, hurtles and speed bumps that get in the way, that we often don't even know are there. That's the beauty of working in the Akashic Records, it guides us in a way that helps us uncover and move past the blocks and hurtles. 

I can't wait to see what unfolds and ignites for you! 

What is possible:

 •  Deepen intimacy in relationships

 •  Call in new relationships

 •  Create financial abundance 

 •  Embody sensuality & relationship to body 

 •  Create aligned relationships with family 

 •  Find long term fulfillment in all aspects of life 

What is included:

 •  1 hour Akashic Records Reading via Zoom + Recording

 •  Copy of your Astrological Birth Chart

After sign up you will be brought to a scheduling link and will receive a confirmation email with scheduling link as well. 

Cost: $250